Table of Intentions- balancing & redirecting energy

Table of Intentions


I have recently been in the process of spring cleaning and refreshing my home and the energy in my home. I was inspired to create a Table of Intentions. You can read more about the purpose of the Table of Intentions below: 


To begin building your table you need at least one of each element.



Ring & Bark.jpg

This ring is apart of my intentions table because it is meaningful to me spiritually. My nana gave me this ring before she passed. I always thought the green stones were dope. After a while, I decided to learn more about this particular green stone. I learned that the green stones are Tsavorite gemstones. I learned that Tsavorite gemstones have a lot of beneficial healing properties. Tsavorite stones are emotional, spiritual and physical healers. It is great to wear green Tsavorite because the spiritual healing properties help with acknowledging blessings and learning gratitude. 



Tree final.JPG


I chose to add a vase with fresh water and flowers from the Tabebuia Tree  (also known as the Trumpet Tree) in my patio area. 



I love candles! I can’t relax properly without a candle (it’s all in my head). I am currently using this lovely tropical, warm vanilla cupcakes smelling candle that I picked up from Michael’s. I also use incense which can be found at various smoke shops, natural stores, farmers markets , etc. 

O’Ahu Sands



I added a diffuser for air. I love to use a citrus or eucalyptus oil with a little bit of water. The citrus oil is great for mornings. It helps to give you a boost of energy. Citrus scents improve my productivity. Eucalyptus oil is good for cleansing. After a spring clean, using eucalyptus oil will help to add that fresh feeling to your home. It is also very calming and beneficial while meditating. 

Diffuser by Radha Beauty 

There are a few other things that hold meaning that I added that fit all elements.

The scarf I used is a random scarf that I’ve had for a while. I love the bird design (because hipster) and its purple. 


One of the first things that I do when the energy in my home is off is a sage smudge. I begin with the front door and work my way throughout the house. I first open the door and windows of the room to clear out bad energies. Light the stick and let it smoke. Hold the sage and rotate throughout the home while repeating an affirmation. Repeat the steps as often as you feel it is necessary. 

Smudge & Diffuser final.jpg

I was given the handcrafted heart by one my close friends after her return from Greece. I am grateful to have friends that are thoughtful and kind. I also happen to love purple hearts. 

One last random item I added is my aromatherapy Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Eucalyptus & Spearmint lotion. It smells good and it is very calming. 

Aroma final.jpg 

I had fun creating my Table of Intentions. It helped me consider the things that bring me peace in my daily routine. I hope some of the information is valuable and inspires other people to create a space that motivates them to think positively and protect their energy. 





Sunday Mood

Your background it ain't squeaky clean (shit)
Sometimes we all got to swim upstream
You ain't no saint, we all are sinners
But you put your good foot down and make your soul a winner
I respect that, man you're so phat
And you're all that, plus supreme
Then you're humble man I'm numb
Yo with feeling, I can feel everything that you bring

Let's take a long walk around the park after dark
Find a spot for us to spark
Conversation, verbal elation, stimulation
Share our situations, temptations, education, relaxations
Elevations, maybe we can talk about Revelation 3:17

Or maybe we can see a movie
Or maybe we can see a play on Saturday (Saturday)
Or maybe we can roll a tree and feel the breeze and listen to a symphony
Or maybe chill and just be, or maybe
Maybe we can take a cruise and listen to the Roots or maybe eat some passion fruit
Or maybe cry to the blues
Or maybe we could just be silent
Come on, Come on

Jill H. Scott

Brief ...

Break winds with tensions unspoken of

Bleed silence with uncertain hearts and souls

The heavy sorrow we carry with us, knowing that tomorrow isn’t promised

Seeing our brothers and sisters suffer as they wipe us away like settled dust

Holding onto our black sons having to reassure by telling them, “It will be okay, just pray”.

Slightly in disbelief of our own words

Hearing insensitive phrases like “all lives matter” meanwhile our brothers are being shot in broad daylight during a traffic stop

Don’t tell me all lives matter if you cannot fathom my plight

Don’t tell me how I should feel knowing that if my son walks home at night he can be stopped and killed simply because, he is not white

We are no longer silent

We are no longer passive, you see

Our heart to prevail and overcome will surpass your white supremacy

We are Black

We breathe excellence

We are Black

We are proud

We matter

Wakanda Forever

It has been such a powerful Black History Month. Black Panther was released and the people showed support in such a major way. I am aware that some people haven't seen the movie yet so I will save my summary for a later date. What I will say is that like many others, after seeing the movie I felt an overwhelming sense of pride. Stating that I am proud to be Black would be an understatement. I am so excited for what's ahead. Below are some photos showing how I celebrated the month. 

Good reads for Black History Month (all year honestly). 


Black Panther inspired nail art done by my sis Janelle (IG @Orijanelle_nails) check her out. 


Hey Black Man

Hey black man,
I see you
I know you have doubts and fears
I know you have to be strong
And when you feel you can’t I will love you
I will support you
I will defend you
When the weight of the world is on your shoulders I will hold you
When you feel hopeless I will pray for you
I will consider you
When you feel misunderstood I will listen to you
I hear you
Hey black man
You’re beautiful
You’re enough
Don’t give up
Hey black man
Thank you for working so hard
Thank you for teaching
Thank you for loving your people
Thank you for your patience
Thank you for your vulnerability
Thank you for you heart
I appreciate you
Hey black man

This little light of mine...

These past few months I have been feeling really great energy around me. I have been spending time with old friends, new friends, and family. Beautiful, intelligent, strong women. Women with visions. Women that work hard to achieve their goals. Women that make things happen. Women who aren't afraid to be themselves. (I tend to ramble and run on a lot. I get excited). 


Anyhow, my cousin Samara (IG @ I.am_samara) and I thought it would be a great idea to host an event for the ladies. Our goal was to get our closest/strongest friends together in one room to bond, create and uplift each other. The theme of the event was "Sip n Paint". We were lucky enough to have another dear friend of mine assist us.  

IMG_2037 copy.jpeg

My friend Janelle (IG @Orijanelle_nails) is a nail tech and overall artist. Janelle did a great job instructing, as well as making everyone laugh out loud ! It was a good time. Thank you so much to everyone that attended, Samara and I truly appreciate it. Y'all showed up and showed out! Apparently I need someone else on picture duty because I didn't capture nearly enough pics. The few that I have are below. 

IMG_1991 (1).jpg
IMG_1992 (1).jpg
IMG_2012 (1).jpg

Although the lighting was good for the mood, it was terrible otherwise. Thanks again ladies! 


Behind The Scenes

Here are a few behind the scenes images from my favorite shoots. 

These shoots were the most fun and memorable for me for many reasons. One being that there was a good message and purpose behind each one. I had the pleasure of working with my good friend Kiara Sherman ( Kiara is no doubt a visionary. I admire her ability to make others around her see her vision and paint the picture so clearly for execution. I never considered myself a "model". The confidence wasn't there. I am grateful for friends that push me to be great!